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T h r i k h r e n

Thrikhren are an ancient race of Mantis warriors and are very intelligent insectoids. Thrikhrens are some of the most proficient mages in the world. Their main area of expertise is in the mind; but this doesn't mean their bodies are lacking. They have strong shells and sharp claws that confer to them natural abilites welcome to any spellcaster.

Strength: Below Ave
Constitution: Average
Hp Max: Average
Hp Regen: Poor
Dexterity: Above Ave
Stamina: Poor
Ep Max: Poor
Ep Regen: Poor
Intelligence: Excellent
Wisdom: Above Ave
Sp Max: Above Ave
Sp Regen: Very Good

They can train skills up to 95%
They can study spells up to 95%
Their experience rate is 87 %
Average height: 4 feet 7 inches
Average mass: 114
They have average charisma.

They learn skills slower than humans.
They learn spells about as fast as humans.
They can see in the dark.
They can eat corpses.
They are naturally resistant to poison damage.
They are naturally resistant to acid damage.
They are naturally resistant to physical damage.