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S n a k e m a n

Snakemen are a race of humanoid shaped reptiles. They have most of the features of the snake, with their scaly hide and their cold blood. Snakemen were created a long time ago by magic by a powerful mage that intended to use them as his servants. The experiment was a bit too successful and they proved themselves more intelligent than their creator and eliminated him. Since then, snakemen have always produced some of the best mages of the Islands of Myth world.

Strength: Poor
Constitution: Poor
Hp Max: Poor
Hp Regen: Below Ave
Dexterity: Below Ave
Stamina: Poor
Ep Max: Poor
Ep Regen: Below Ave
Intelligence: Excellent
Wisdom: Average
Sp Max: Very Good
Sp Regen: Excellent

They can train skills up to 95%
They can study spells up to 100%
Their experience rate is 98 %
Average height: 4 feet 4 inches
Average mass: 109
They are considered to be quite repulsive creatures.

They learn skills much slower than humans.
They learn spells much faster than humans.
They can see in the dark.
They are naturally resistant to poison damage.
They are naturally vulnerable to physical damage.