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E n t

From the Dawn of Time, they came, an ancient race. Moving among the forests and trees as kin, the Ents govern the growth of the Forests. Though they have had some relations with Elves, Ents are seldom seen adventuring, and are often only known as a legend by some Humans.

Strength: Above Ave
Constitution: Good
Hp Max: Above Ave
Hp Regen: Below Ave
Dexterity: Terrible
Stamina: Bad
Ep Max: Bad
Ep Regen: Below Ave
Intelligence: Average
Wisdom: Excellent
Sp Max: Good
Sp Regen: Very Good

They can train skills up to 90%
They can study spells up to 95%
Their experience rate is 90 %
Average height: 7 feet 8 inches
Average mass: 377
They are considered to be quite attractive creatures.

They learn skills much slower than humans.
They learn spells about as fast as humans.
They can see in the dark.
They are naturally extremely vulnerable to fire damage.
They are naturally extremely resistant to physical damage.