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G o b l i n

Goblins are a race of mischevious little beings who love to wreak havoc upon others. They are not very intelligent, as the word is normally used, but they are clever little buggers nonetheless. They lack real strength, and therefore prefer to live in clans, though they often fight amongst themselves. Although they are rather weak, they are very nimble, and perform the most complicated skills with ease. Also, their aptitude for stealthy movement greatly aides them when they are carrying out their ornery plans.

Strength: Average
Constitution: Below Ave
Hp Max: Average
Hp Regen: Average
Dexterity: Very Good
Stamina: Above Ave
Ep Max: Above Ave
Ep Regen: Good
Intelligence: Poor
Wisdom: Poor
Sp Max: Bad
Sp Regen: Bad

They can train skills up to 95%
They can study spells up to 60%
Their experience rate is 104 %
Average height: 4 feet 8 inches
Average mass: 160
They are considered to be rather unattractive creatures.

They learn skills about as fast as humans.
They learn spells MUCH slower than humans.
They can see in the dark.
They can eat corpses.
They are naturally vulnerable to magical damage.