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O g i e r

Widely known as expert stonemasons, the Ogier were first seen in Islands of Myth during the construction of the city, and the mysterious tunnels beneath it. Their excellent eye for detail, speed of work and ability to work long hours throughout the year led them to be much sought after. Known as a pacific people who long for the old ways of tending living and growing thing, the Ogier were not always this way. They were quick to act and quick on their feet and considered some of the fiercest warriors. Unfortunately, in the ages since the Ogier left their homes, the Stedding, to come to Islands of Myth, they have become withdrawn and lost much of their mental capacity, now reputably slow to recover magical energies and slow learners of spells and skills. Ogier resemble humans in general build, with long tufted ears and broad, vaguely snoutlike noses. However they are much larger and much longer lived, and can be most often seen adventuring as woodsmen, rogues and fighters.

Strength: Good
Constitution: Very Good
Hp Max: Good
Hp Regen: Average
Dexterity: Excellent
Stamina: Above Ave
Ep Max: Above Ave
Ep Regen: Above Ave
Intelligence: Bad
Wisdom: Poor
Sp Max: Bad
Sp Regen: Bad

They can train skills up to 95%
They can study spells up to 60%
Their experience rate is 87 %
Average height: 10 feet
Average mass: 489
They have average charisma.

They learn skills much slower than humans.
They learn spells MUCH slower than humans.
They can see in the dark.