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M i n o t a u r

Minotaurs are very large hairy humanoids, with the head and hind-quarters of a bull and torso and arms similar to those of a human. Horns, hooves and hands together create an effective offense in most situations; combined with the Minotaur's naturally thick skin, they create fearsome combatant. Strong and robust, large and powerful, the Minotaur main weakness is their stupidity. They are as well known for their simple-mindedness as they are for their combat abilities.

Strength: Excellent
Constitution: Excellent
Hp Max: Very Good
Hp Regen: Above Ave
Dexterity: Good
Stamina: Above Ave
Ep Max: Average
Ep Regen: Above Ave
Intelligence: Bad
Wisdom: Bad
Sp Max: Terrible
Sp Regen: Terrible

They can train skills up to 100%
They can study spells up to 50%
Their experience rate is 92 %
Average height: 6 feet 11 inches
Average mass: 276
They are considered to be rather unattractive creatures.

They learn skills about as fast as humans.
They learn spells MUCH slower than humans.
They are naturally extremely vulnerable to psionic damage.
They are naturally resistant to physical damage.