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Introduction to Islands of Myth

Islands of Myth is a online game type known as a MUD. The game is a virtual world with more than 10.000 different places, 25 player races, 15 main guilds and 100 sub guilds and thousands of monster types to fight.

The game play is like a computer controlled role playing game. You will start with a character that you will build up to great powers by fighting monsters together with other players.

The game environment is very friendly, and you will find no trouble getting help from fellow players.

When you follow the link below, you will be connected to the game. The first action you must take is to create a new character. After creating your character, you will enter the newbie tour, where the game will demonstrate the basic commands.

Always remember that you can use the newbie channel to ask for help. If you get stuck, or are unsure about something, do not hestiate to type the command "newbie please help me".

To talk on channels, you will simply enter the word "newbie" followed by what you want to say.

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